YouTube Space

We created a modular design system for YouTube Space's new site. We focused on simplifying content and addressing key pain points.
The Project
YouTube has over 10 unique Spaces across the world where creators and musicians can create amazing content. We were tasked with redesigning their web experience. Our team visited the flagship YouTube Space in Los Angeles and met with key stakeholders to make sure the new site reflected everyone's needs and held true to the YouTube Space brand. We created a modular design system and defined clear user journeys.
Creative Team
  • Shannon Ling, Art Direction, Visual Design, UI/UX
  • Jon Delman, Creative Oversight
  • Stacey Wolfson, Copy
  • Other key players include Malisa Kuch, Rory Carroll, Amelia Pentecost
Video Content
YouTube Space has a tremendous amount of content and videos to feature. We created a global video for the landing page that would feature different clips of Spaces throughout the world. Throughout the site we've sprinkled in video content that showcase the unique spaces and how they've been used by content creators.
The Challenge
After meeting with key stakeholders across the YouTube Space team, we decided to focus on these sectors: Pop-ups, Brands, and Location unique experiences. We needed to create a modular design system that would work across the site. Throughout the process, we worked with users across the world to address key pain points. Through user testing and feedback, we created a much more simplified site and user experience.