YouTube Space

We created a modular design system for YouTube Space's new site. We focused on simplifying content and addressing key pain points.
YouTube has over 10 unique Spaces and Pop-ups around the world where creators can create amazing content. We were tasked with redesigning their web experience. The site seeks to raise awareness of YouTube Spaces, educate Creators about how to become eligible for spaces, how to visit them, and the benefits of using Space.
Creative team
  • Shannon Ling, Art Direction, UI/UX
  • Jon Delman, Creative Oversight
  • Stacey Wolfson, Copy
  • Other key players include Malisa Kuch, Rory Carroll, Amelia Pentecost
Video content
YouTube Space has a tremendous amount of content and videos to feature. We created a global video for the landing page that would feature different clips of Spaces throughout the world. Throughout the site we've sprinkled in video content that showcase the unique spaces and how they've been used by content creators.
User journeys
  1. I want to learn what a Space is.
  2. I want to learn if I am eligible to visit a Space.
  3. I want to become approved to visit a Space.
  4. I want to learn about upcoming Space events in my city.
  5. I want to stay informed about Space events near me.
  6. I have a brand that wants to use the Space. What do I do?
How we broke it down
We decided to focus on these sectors: Pop-ups, Brands, Unlocking the Space, FAQs, and Location unique experiences.
Designing a system
All together the site has 15 unique pages. We needed to build out a design system that would work seamlessly across the web experience. We strategically designed modules that could be used across the site and fit a variety of content. Several modules lead to video content that help support the content on the site.
The finished site helps define what Space is and has to offer. New user flows solve the six journeys we established. Creators have responded that its much easier to access information. The site has a design system that makes it easy to add content as Space continues to grow. A new navigation system helps users get to the information they need.

Through this project, I learned how to strategize content in tandem with design. I worked with user researchers to ensure we were meeting our goals. The project allowed me to wear several hats, meshing my skills of visual and experience design.