Secondhand Smoke

Dark, moody elements mixed with interactive modules helps bring the Secondhand Smoke site to life.
The Project
We created the Secondhand Smoke website in collaboration with the creative agency, Duncan Channon, for the California Tobacco Control program. Our task was to create a social awareness site about the danger of secondhand smoke and the risks it presents.
Creative Team
  • Shannon Ling, Art Direction, Interaction Design
  • Duncan Channon, Art Direction, Content, Photography
  • Victor Tolosa, User Experience
The Challenge
The Secondhand Smoke site needed to be educational and provide guidance for users to take action. We decided to feature numerous interactive modules that help user's retain facts and information.
    Art Direction
    The balloon images are present throughout the background to help create a moody environment and bring the site to life. The balloons parallax alongside the content to help bring dimension to the page. We also showcased short video clips to help tie together balloon message to the overall theme.