Google Shopping 100

Google Shopping 100 is an immersive design experience that helps users find new products through discovery and exploration.
The project
My team at Beyond was tasked with creating an exciting and immersive site experience that would showcase products on the Google Shopping 100 List.
Creative team
  • Shannon Ling, Art Direction, UI/UX Design
  • Conor Buckley, Illustration
  • Other key players include Jon Delman and Malisa Kuch
I wire framed and ideated a variety of concepts that could help bring our goals to life. The concept we landed on was centered around unique themes that you could tap into and explore. We incorporated flip cards to help show a variety of products and information about them.
The experience consists of several themes that you can endlessly scroll through to explore products on the Google 100 list. We wanted to the experience to feel ongoing, something you can play around with for a long period of time. We added in fun, playful transition elements between themes.
Illustrative cards present “fun facts” where users can discover new products and information. They leave the experience learning something new. The list is meant to spark interest and inspire.
Brand awareness
We created custom illustrations for each of the themes. We wanted each theme to feel like an immersive world, with illustrative flip cards bringing the scenes to life. The entire experience feels very ‘Googley’ in terms of color, illustration style, and interactivity.
A challenge we faced centered around the interactivity of the grid. We used cards with different sizes to make the experience more dynamic. We created prototypes that demonstrated how the cards flipped and moved. We also thought about how the cards would load as you moved through the experience.

The themes were separated by colored ‘window blinds.’ We set this up like a carousel on desktop so users could either click or scroll through. On mobile, the blinds can be swiped horizontally. The horizontal scroll is unique and makes the experience fun and interactive.
We leveraged Google Shopping's illustration style to create thematic worlds throughout the experience. Each theme has multiple illustrated flip cards where we further brought the themes to life. We created multiple sets that will be launched seasonally.
Google Shopping 100 launched December 2019 and has already gained tons of press coverage. The project was extremely rewarding and fun to work on and I'm excited to continue iterating on the site as more quantitative results are available.